Stanley Keleman
Founder & Director

November 1931 - August 2018

Center for Energetic Studies
Center Press
2045 Francisco Street
Berkeley, California 94709



Embodying Experience: A Transcendent Journey - The Neuropsychotherapist June 2016

The Quantum Dynamic and the Formative Process - The Neuropsychotherapist March 2015

Emotional Anatomy DV - Somatic Psychotherapy Today, 2014 Special Supplement

The Hand as a Brain - The Neuropsychotherapist January 2014

Slow Attending - The Neuropsychotherapist January 2013

A New Vision For Somatic Psychology: Stanley Keleman's Formative Approach

Dasein Ist Mit Sein: To be There is to be With

The Continuum of Startle and Stress: From Assertion to Defeat

Dreams and the Body

The Body We Are